Modeling Reality With Virtual Worlds

June 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Virtual Worlds has gotten more and more popular these days, The 2nd Life users do all sorts things in it, and some of the things that they do, are actually quite helpful in preserving our culture and happiness on the societal level. Per Saki Knafo in “In Room 100, It’s Sid and Nancy All Over Again”, Hotel Chelsea’s new management team overhauled the entire interior of the building and that really upset the local residents, so Brown reconstructed the hotel as it old self in 2nd Life, so the cultural and historical value could be preserved, he said in the article, “The rest of this hotel is as close to real life as I could make it.” Also, by using 2nd life, has increase the overall happiness and togetherness in the community of people with autism. Per Nicole Saidi in “iReport: ‘Naughty Auties’ battle autism with virtual interaction”, “Second Life is an uncharted but promising area for new applied psychological research. Virtual reality can be used to simulate new environments for people on the autistic spectrum.”

2ndLife is as same as all other creations – has many pros and cons. As a business or technology developer, we could learn many new things from the consumption and usage of 2nd Life, such as, Learn Paintshop, Gimp, LSL Scripting, Graphic modeling, as well as business and marketing techniques. On a personal level, we could make new friends, you know, to sharing something in common, using our time productively and seeing new things, exposure to new and different thing. Unfortunately, the cons are just as compelling as the pros, using 2nd Life, creates lack of trust, spend to much time, temptation to lie or cover up stuff and cross boundaries etc.

Fostering creativity in virtual worlds. 2nd Life was created as a highly adaptable technological online platform, it can integrated with other high power softwares and technologies, in Todd Marcus’s article, “Upon entering Second Life, users are outfitted with a human-shaped template, which can be drastically altered by clicking boxes, and by using sensitive slider-controls to shift the color and shape of every portion of their avatar’s body. Users can even create avatars that have no resemblance to a human form, creating animal forms, or a form that no one has ever seen. This radical reshaping can occur not only through the tools provided in-world, but also through external tools such as Photoshop.”

The future of the virtual worlds will be very likely integrated with the really world. Base on the fast developing and innovating speed of biochemical, eletronic, and electric engineering technologies. The virtual worlds will actually project objects that offer that real live texture and feelings.


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